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& innovation

K-moon is a Moroccan fast-food restaurant with an original and innovative concept: combining the freshest food, traditionally cooked, with friendly and very quick service.

Absolutely everything is homemade: from fruit juices to bread, as well as french fries. At K-moon, you can taste delicious tagines cooked in typical earthenware plates, according to tradition. Always paired with homemade Moroccan bread. You can also savor traditional couscous; or enjoy appetizing Moroccan flatbread, called “Rghaif”. Rghaifs are stuffed with exceptional and varied sauces, prepared and cooked right in front of you.

All paired with delicious mint tea, a must drink in Morocco: it will immerse you in an atmosphere of unforgettable aromas and flavors.




A tasteful


The attention to details in the restaurant decor creates a unique and pleasant atmosphere. Young, dynamic and courteous, K-moon’s team is delighted to welcome you in an agreeable ambience, and offer you a tasty experience.

Also, if you are wondering what the name K-moon means, the answer is very simple! It is a play on words. In Arabic, “kamoun” means cumin: one of the most widely used spices in Moroccan cuisine.



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